Monday, February 22, 2010

The Healers of the White Hand

One organization that will be found in multiple locations is The White Hand. This is an organization founded by lawful clerics to heal the sick and injured regardless of affiliation, race, or alignment. They wear white robes and their symbol is a white handprint. They are pacifists and do not carry or use weapons of any kind and do not tolerate violence in their facilities.

Their mission is to heal all who need it and they refuse no one unless they shed blood in one of their facilities which is grounds for expulsion. They do not charge for services, instead relying on donations - which often come from grateful, wealthy adventurers.

Their pacifism is total as far as weapons are concerned but they have been known to use spells to defend wounded patients - hold person is not harmful in their eyes and throwing raise dead at an undead creature is mercy, not violence.

The head of a typical White Hand outpost is a 6th level cleric - this is by design as I want the characters to find a way to Cure Disease and Remove Curse without having to go to ridiculous lengths, but Raise Dead should remain uncommon.

There will also be a 3rd level assistant who is the second in command and several 1st level acolytes who assist in tending the wounded.

There may also be a few normal men hanging around the facility to keep it clean and perform basic tasks. These may be maimed in some way or otherwise be recovering from injury.

These outposts typically keep a stock of clean bandages, alcohol, fresh water, and some holy water. There is always a fire burning somewhere in the structure day or night regardless of season.

Expansion: This organization started with a single location and expands one outpost at a time. When the assistant reaches 6th level, the head of the outpost will help him prepare to set up a new outpost. The soon-to-be leader then travels the area to decide where to locate the new branch. He will also pick one acolyte who has progressed beyond 1st level to become his new assistant. Once the new location is chosen they will begin operating from whatever quarters they can find which may be a tent or just a cleared area of ground. The eventual goal is to set up in a permanent facility and do their work with shelter and proper supplies.

DM notes: The total pacifism rule is in to keep players from wanting to join this order - this is intended as a strictly NPC organization. It also makes them a convenient target for atrocities if the campaign goes badly. The organization also exists in case the players do not want to play clerics - I need some kind of convenient healing beyond the NPC priest who joins the party - I don't like running members of the party other than some hirelings.

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