Friday, June 3, 2016

40K Friday - Dark Eldar Progress

It's been a little slow around here as far as 40K goes because it's been the opposite of slow for everything else. If you have kids in school then May is a busy busy month and having multiples, including one graduating high school, makes it even more so. This week marks the end of all that though so hopefully we will have some time to get back to building, painting, and playing.

In the last couple of months all I have added to my eldar forces is a big group of dark eldar warriors. This gives me enough to field 40-50 of them altogether and that should be plenty. These are the older style plastic troops as I intend to use the newer (current) style sets as trueborn.

So the entire dark-kin force consists of:

  • Archon
  • Haemonculus
  • Raider
  • 30 warriors (usable right now anyway)
That's not a great standalone force but it's a decent start for some allies (which is all they have been thus far) and it covers the core of a real army so it's not a bad start. I'd like to add another pair of raiders, then some scourges, and probably a ravager. That would end up being around 1000 points and enough to do some small battles on their own if I felt the need. It's not a super high priority but it's on the agenda for the rest of the year.

My biggest dilemma at this point is the paint scheme. I originally thought I would do something that looked good and fit the background but was simple to paint as this is a secondary force - something like the black and silver or black and purple that was sort of their signature look from 3rd and 4th edition. Now though I kind of want something a little more exotic. I've seen some really nice gloss red paint schemes on dark eldar that look really good and a part of that is that it's so unexpected. 

I have a Blood Angels army on the shelf so I do have a fair amount of red already but ti does look nice. 

I've also seen some really sharp all-white paint schemes for them and that's a color I have not used as a base for an army. 

I always liked the look of white Tau (the whole mecha thing probably) but I don't have a Tau army (and some would say I don't need a Tau army) and I do have a developing army of these guys so maybe that's the way to go?

I kind of like that purple and white combination - maybe a darker purplish color ...

Anyway that's the next chapter of the 2016 eldar story. More to come!

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