Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Rogue One Trailer is Out

Just go type Rogue One Trailer into YouTube if you haven't seen it yet. It's worth it. The music, the rebel base, the grimy X-Wings ...

I have to say that it looks right. No idea about the story or the acting or the characters but the thing looks good to me at this point.

Badass #1 - "Samurai Guy" - it appears the stormtroopers are being foiled by another melee guy and this isn't even a lightsaber!

Badass #2 - "Imperial Lord Whitecape" - it's always been TarkinTarkinTarkin when it comes to building the Death Star, so who is this guy?

Regardless he is clearly not bothered by carnage or mudpuddles.

Mystery Figure - looks pretty sith-y but who is he?

Badass #3 - She's the lead, but is she undercover here or turned or what?

Something's different about the antenna on this Star Destroyer. Some kind of special ship? Or are they all going to be like this?

Yeah! AT-ATs in the South Pacific! Why does a walker beach invasion seem so cool? not sure, but it does.

Already looking forward to this one!

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