Friday, February 27, 2015

40K Friday: Building Phase

Well this has gone in a slightly different direction than I intended. I am having "burst focus" where I am actively building one army for a week or two, then going to a different army, then going to a different army. I am making progress, it's just divided between 3 different forces.

There are a lot of those little bags lying around the workbench right now. It started with the Dark Angels and the need for some combi-weapons for my tactical squads. While I was waiting on those bits I worked on the vehicles and made a lot of progress in painting them.

After that I sketched out my desired Blood Angels force and started ordering the parts I would need - a tac squad here, a drop pod there, some Blood Angel bits to convert an existing unaligned tac squad I had laying around. I order them (right-handed infernus pistols? Why yes we do have those...) and now it's going to take a week for them to arrive.

It is a really nice kit though ...
While I'm waiting for those parts I started working on the chaos marines again. I've been playing them lately, so it's easy enough. Then I order some bargain plague marines to finish out that section of my force. They arrive, I sit down to put them all together and get them primed and I realize I don't have enough arms! This happened to me once before and I picked up enough that  I thought I was good - I was not. So, have to wait for the chaos arms to arrive to finish this step.

I go back to working on the Blood Angels and realize that with the new set having 32mm bases instead of the 25mm we've had as the standard for 28 years now I cannot mix and match the old and the new in the same squad - at least not without it looking really stupid. (More info on the base change here.) Looking around online the 32mm bases are fairly high but there are some people offering a collar type thing that will expand a 25mm base to 32mm. Alright. I suppose it's the price of being a little OCD about these things but I am building it as a completely new army right now - why not do it right? I count up all the power armored figures in my coming-together BA army and figure out I need about 40 of these things. Ordered! Now they're on their way - from Spain! So it may take 3 weeks for them to arrive.


Oh look - the chaos marine arms are here! Back to building plague marines!

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