Thursday, December 5, 2013

Super News Thursday

I keep bumping into superhero RPG news this week so I thought I would share:

Mutants and Masterminds

  • Emerald City is out in PDF and will be out "soon" in print
  • Next up is the Cosmic Handbook
  • Q2 2014 is supposed to see the compiled Gadget Guide book released
  • Gen Con 2014 will see Freedom City 3rd Edition
  • The "weekly PDF" for 2014 will be the Atlas of Earth Prime, a series of articles on the rest of the world of Freedom City and Emerald City

  • Adamant is running a 10th anniversary sale and Team-Up! is on sale for $1.99. 

Savage Worlds
  • Pinnacle is working on Necessary Evil 2!

Lots of cool stuff there. It's nice to see a full schedule for M&M. I like everything I see on that list. I picked up all of the weekly villain releases in 2011 and the power profiles in 2012 but this year I backed off of the gadget guides, just getting some here and there, because they weren't as immediately useful as the other stuff. A collected guide though is something worth getting. I wonder how setting material will do in that format? They mentioned that it will be priced a little higher, be a little longer, and will come out every two weeks. If there's some crunch in there too then those could be very interesting. Updated Freedom City should be a treasure trove of ideas and characters.

Team-Up - Hey, for being two years late it's pretty cool. I'll probably put up a full post about it down the road.

Necessary Evil 2 is a surprise - I never thought they would seriously return to that specific universe - but it's a good one as that is a great campaign. Apparently this one will also involve playing villains pushed into unexpected behavior. Christopher McGlothlin is writing it and I've liked a lot of his stuff (Time of Crisis for M&M among others) so the limited information I have is all positive so far.


Barking Alien said...

You had me at Cosmic Handbook. You didn't even need to go to Freedom City 3rd Edition, but you did anyway.


I am one happy camper.

Blacksteel said...

Hey just passing along the good stuff. I'm pretty happy about it myself.