Friday, October 4, 2013

Super Friday - M&M 10th Anniversary Edition

The big new shiny arrived a few days back:

This is one of the few Kickstarter's I have backed. I am completely satisfied with the result. I've had the PDF for some time but I held off reading it because I wanted to explore the book for the first time, not the PDF.

I like the game, I like the company, and I trust them to get things done - and they did!

It is very nice though I'm worried about that slick paper cover getting torn up - this will not be the book the kids use when we play.

It has all of the rules form the standard book plus about 130 pages. The new material includes the quickstart generator for a random character creation option, some essays on this origin and history of the game, a section on Freedom City and Emerald City and an adventure set in each, and closes out with some old classic characters reworked for M&M 3E.

I'm very happy to have updated stats for AB, Omega, Superior, and the like. It makes for a nice guide for additional conversions too.

Some version of this book is going to be on sale too. If you already have the MM3 Handbook or the DC Adventures handbook you may not need it - but you may well want it. It's pretty nice. Also note: some RPG Kickstarters do actually work out alright!

Now, to get that M&M campaign fired up...


Barking Alien said...

Great, just great.

More stuff I need and don't have money for. *Sigh*

My personal mis-fortune (I am missing a fortune that I wish I had) aside, Kudos to Green Ronin, Steve Kenson and everyone involved with Mutants & Masterminds, one of my all time favorite RPGs.

Thanks for 10 awesome years gang!

Blacksteel said...

Now now BA - I know you already have M&M 3 so there's nothing here that you have to have, it's really more of a nice-to-have.


I also know you're exactly the type who would appreciate this kind of special edition so if you can find a way to pick one up I doubt you will be disappointed.