Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Mr. Fission

First Appearance
I decided to make a Radiation Defender in City of Heroes and while working on him I decided to go all-out on the costume. I also decided that my old junior high science teacher would be a  ... distinctive ,,, model to base him on. Mainly for the hair.

A junior high school science teacher receives a tragically mis-labelled shipment. Instead of rock samples he has opens up a box of  - PROCESSED URANIUM! Overwhelmed, he passed out ... but he did not perish! Instead, he developed a strange ability to emit radiation himself! After class is over for the day he changes clothes and emerges as ... Mister Fission!

Mister Fission is a fairly new hero and still very enthusiastic about his new power and place in society. he keeps his identity secret but his awesome 'fro is unusual enough that it could be a clue to a determined foe. He excitedly and vocally analyzes everything that's going in a confrontation and tends to run on when something touches on his area of specialty - he tends to say more, not less.Right now he is struggling to maintain both of his jobs and while he loves teaching he is beginning to realize that he may have a higher calling and may have to give up being a full-time educator. Maybe he can still sub.

Also he prefers to pronounce it "Fiszhin" like "Vision", not "Fishin'" as in "goin' fishin'"

This did not go well - a story for another time ...

Mister Fission for ICONS

Prowess: 3 (Typical)
Coordination: 4 (Good)
Strength: 3 (Typical)
Intellect: 5 (Excellent)
Awareness: 5 (Excellent)
Willpower: 4 (Good)

Stamina: 7
Determination: 2

Origin: Transformed

Specialties: Science (Physics) Expert, Science (Chemistry) Expert

Elemental Control - Radiation - 8 (Amazing) - Attacking (Affliction) Detecting, Healing

Power Nullification - 7 (Incredible) - Irradiation Attack

Resistance - Radiation - 7  (Incredible)

"Science Teacher" - It's hard to switch out of this. He tends to lecture but he relates well to kids. he also keeps his super-activity a secret.

"Connections -Local Science Guy" - as an enthusiastic teacher he has connections at many of the local science institutions like the university, the observatory, a chemical company, etc.

"I'm here to help!!!" - He's an enthusiastic newcomer to the superhero world, perhaps too much so. He will fearlessly jump in to help whenever there is trouble, but sometimes gets himself into trouble while doing so. He does not yet have a permanent team affiliation but this has not dimmed his enthusiasm at all.

"Nuclear Powered Man" - He knows deep down that his power is extremely dangerous but tries not to let that keep him awake at night. He keeps it under tight control, but his nightmare is that a parent finds out about his secret life and claims he is a danger to the children he teaches. 

PDF sheet here

Mister Fission for Marvel Super Heroes

PDF Sheet here

His stats are pretty much the same as ICONS. The powers are a little different though, so I gave him Incredible hyper-running as a travel power. It makes sense (in a comic-book sense) that his over-energized metabolism might be able to give him bursts of speed and it makes him less reliant on his car. I think a good-guy radiation dude would be fun in MSH as typically the only one you run into is Radioactive Man and he's usually bad. MSH is pretty open for power stunts and with 50 Karma he should be able to pull off a few in a session.


Clarissa Draper said...

Stupid questions: do you design these? Or are they part of a game?

chuck said...

Good job on Mr. Fission. Have you ever played Hero system (Champions)?

Blacksteel said...

Clarissa - The characters were ones I originally made for an online game called City of Heroes that has since been terminated. It was like World of Warcraft but with superheroes. That's where the pictures came from. I also play tabletop games and that's where the numbers and character sheets come from - they're like D&D but with superheroes. The ideas started in one type of game and these posts translate them over to another type of game.

Chuck - Oh I've played a whole lot of Champions - if you look over on the right side of the blog, down a ways, there's a "Champions" keyword that will show you those posts. I haven;t written these guys up in CHampions format because I haven't been playing it much recently, but I may include a few before the month is over.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed how many gamers there are doing AtoZ!
It's a world I've never dipped into at all.
Great posts tho. Fascintating.
Will be back to see some more :)