Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Break with Miniatures

This time off for everyone else is wrecking my routine, so it's been a challenge to post this week. So instead of a lengthy post here are a couple of pictures of the latest crop of D&D character mini's:

Now I didn't do much painting on these - a friend of mine found them at some garage sales and rounded them up for me. I did minimal touch up and rebased them. I have not used a lot of painted-by-other-people mini's in the past but these were decent enough and expanded the options that much more. There was a surprising number of female figures in this batch and that's good because I don't have a ton of those painted up.

After working with some 1/72 plastics for my DBA armies those Reaper figures in particular are gigantic. They are typically used for characters so "bigger than life" and all that but still ...

A pair of Ancient Spanish slingers face off against a giant! The slingers are supposed to be 20mm scale and are about 23mm tall. That Reaper fig is 35mm tall! That's huge! D&D type mini's used to 25mm scale, but over the years - and in no small part due to Warhammer - crept up to 28mm and some have gone to 30mm. This guy is over 7' tall even by that standard! No, I'm not counting the base - that just makes it worse in some ways. I suppose the main criterion is "does it look cool" but it causes some problems when you've been at this a while - those Grenadier and Ral Partha figs from the 80's look somewhat vertically challenged these days. My old dwarf fighters look a lot more like gnomes next to these guys. Ah well, I suppose it's a good problem to have.

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kiltedyaksman said...

The main criterion is scale. The reaper PCs are too outta whack.