Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Apprentices vs. Stonehell - Session 2

This was a short session as it was already late when we sat down to play. Apprentice Who was already headed for bed so this was once again just Blaster and Red. Blaster's cleric recovered from his beating in session 1 and Red rolled up a monk of all things to replace his dead fighter.

They decided to explore one of the caves on the opposite side of the canyon. Inside they found a dirty room with a message written on the wall that only the elf could see - something about jewels! Beyond this they had a passage to the left, a passage to the right, and a door straight ahead. They went for the door.

Breaking open the door they discovered a storeroom - crates, barrels, and the smell of mildew. Ransacking the room (like any good adventuring party would) the ranger managed to discover some green slime on one of the crates and so the party got a quick lesson in hard cures as they figured out that only fire was going to stop the stuff from consuming the adventurous elf. Somewhat annoyed by all this (and the lack of loot to be found) they moved on to the right and found a largely empty room that had been used as a campsite. Then they went back down the hall to the last unexplored room.

Approaching, they notice a red glow ahead. Unsure what this might mean the halfling assassin tried to sneak down the hall to take a peek but completely failed at this and the rest of the party was only too happy to point this out. Plan B was "charge" so charge they did! Into a room with a large beetle eating a goat - a beetle with a red glow coming from it's underside, lighting up the room! Battle begins and the beetle charges the party to drive them away from its meal, ripping into the cleric and dropping him in one chomp - ouch! Blows are exchanged and the party manages to slay the insect with no further casualties. They decide to camp there for the night and pick up again the next day.

DM Notes: Did you know Advanced Labyrinth Lord Monks have a percentage chance to kill anything they hit? I didn't until Red pointed it out to me - where did that come from? It's a small chance, and at first I thought it was only applicable when they stunned an opponent but the example makes it appear as though it applies to every attack. Weird. 

The flame chalk message confused them a bit as they assumed the jewels would be in this room complex, not somewhere else in the dungeon. Once they hit the main door I think this will start to clear up.

The green slime was fun as they have run into it in 4E in the moathouse but the rules are different so they weren't sure what to do with it here but they figured it out without too much damage.

This was a short one but they had fun and cleared out one small cave section -  the surface level seems to be good for this kind of thing as it has lots of little areas that exist as their own thing and enabling the party to come and go. Hopefully we will get time for some more this weekend. 

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