Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Well, if you were unhappy with the great PDF massacre of 2009 they've fixed it:


It's laid out like DriveThruRPG so it's pretty easy to navigate. It looks to me like they're plan is to go with a normal price equal to the original cover price though everything is on sale right now for quite a bit less than that. If that's permanent, that's a great thing. Regardless it's a good thing right now - In Search of the Unknown is free, most adventures appear to be $4.99. Moldvay Basic is $4.99 as well! Not every product is there but it's a solid start.

It's a good day!


Charles Shirk said...

The site is part of DriveThruRPG, there is a label on the site, and I was able to log on with my DriveThru account and password.

Blacksteel said...

I was wondering about that myself and went in thru DTRPG too. Even better, those guys seem to know what they are doing.