Friday, August 12, 2011

ICONS: Some Qualities You May Recognize

I had a different idea about a source for Qualities for ICONS. The theory is that the best Qualities are the ones you don't have to explain.

"It belongs in a museum"

-On the positive side, you have a good reputation with museums all over the world and may receive aid, information, tips, resources and even employment from them. Curiousity is a likely personality trait, and Science: Archaeology is probably essential.

-On the negative side there are many who will oppose you or consider you old-fashioned or outmoded. You may be compelled to respond to any threats to ancient artifacts that you discover or are made aware of. Curiousity is a double-edged sword.

"Let the Wookie Win"

- People who recognize you (this can be tied to an individual, not just a species) will walk on eggshells as you have a reputation for sudden irrational extreme violence. This can be very useful.

- You are feared, possibly hated, but definitely not loved by those who do not know you personally simply because of your reputation and/or appearance.

- You might also be unable to speak the local language. This might tie into a connection who does understand your speech and can translate for you. This might also be another PC.

"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid"

You are part of an ancient order that has fallen into disrepute

- On the plus side you can tag this quality for knowledge of ancient history or mystic information, legends, or lessons and may even garner aid from those who still remember your order favorably

- At the very least you are not taken seriously by those who know what you claim to be, and at the worst you are actively hunted by a powerful group as heretical or a practitioner of forbidden arts.  The Occult specialty is very appropriate here.

 "Did he fire six shots or only five?" 

- You have solid instincts and a good heart and the people on the street know you will keep your word and the good ones will aid you in your war on crime. Criminals who know you will tend to fear you.

- Authority figures resent your willful ignorance of accepted procedure while criminals fear you - both will go an extra mile to interfere with your plans

Suggestions: Tagging this by the player might help pick up a cold trail or generate a new lead to a bad guy or intimidate unlucky punks. If the DM compels it then you can expect anything from a bureacratic snafu to a snubbed bad guy showing up with payback on his mind to imprisonment for breaking some law.

"Hi-Ho Silver, Away!"

-You have a  power - say ... a travel power - that comes from something outside of you but is not a device - it's a creature

- You care about the creature so this is more akin to a Connection than a device - it's not broken or taken away, it's captured and imprisoned! Companions are rescued, not replaced.

Suggestions: Superspeed, Flight, Remote vision, super-senses via mounts, pet birds, and familiars. The DM can tag it to take the power away due to a sick, uncooperative, or kidnapped animal. The player might tag Comet the Wonder Horse to break him out of jail or Speedy the Sparrow to deliver a message to an ally.


Jeremy said...

Hi ho Dragon! Away!

Barking Alien said...

Now you're cooking with fire!

bliss_infinte said...

Yeah, I'm enjoying the tweaks and additions to the game so far. I really enjoyed the Champions & icons disadvantages from the other day. I think Icons is a very interesting game (I have yet to actually play it) but I think it's begging for some house rules.