Thursday, September 2, 2010

Schedule Chaos Disrupts Ongoing Campaigns - an old story

Well the start of school, an anime convention, a move to a new house, and a new baby have all conspired to frag my games even though the only one applicable to my situation is the start of school. One might think I would be good at that by now but with kids in multiple schools in multiple districts the myriad meet the teacher nights, open house nights, orientation nights, club organization nights, and anything else they can come up with nights have just been a huge time sink for the last few weeks.

We did manage to work in one session of Necessary Evil in August (I will post that up soon) , but the Basic and 4E campaigns have been grounded for weeks. The apprentices are eager to return to the Caves of Chaos in basic D&D and to finish escaping from the Star Destroyer in our Star Wars d6 game. After this weekend the 4E crew should be more free as well so I expect that to resume in short order.

The 1E game should finally fire up this month, probably on Sunday afternoons on alternating weekends, possibly with a rotating cast of players depending on availability. I'm going to try sticking to a set schedule for it regardless of individual availability and see how that works for us.

The only other potential game right now is dusting off Marvel Super Heroes and running some super sessions. This is the only tabletop RPG that my lone female apprentice has shown interest in so we might start this up as an occasional, intermittent campaign. The rough idea now is to set them up as a new generation of mutants being trained by the current X-Men before being sent off to San Francisco as the West Coast X-Force. Roughly, anyway it's a combination of the West Coast Avengers idea and it let's me drop in some occasional familiar faces like Wolverine or Colossus. We'll see how quickly it comes together when it comes time to put pencil to paper. It's good to have a mix of games with different apprentices so that no matter who is home for the weekend we have an option if they want to play. At least, that's the goal.

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